An Alternative Vision For Coventry

We get asked a lot what That Alternative Hub is about. Is it a photography studio? A yoga hub? A place for business courses? For creativity? Our answer is: yes, it's all of that. And more. The hub is a space for everyone, a creative centre to fill in the missing pieces of Coventry. 

There is something missing in Coventry. It's a city of such a rich history, and so much potential, but somewhere along the lines it lost something. With so many big businesses coming and going through the city, the people of Coventry have lost their sense of self, their inspiration. Coventry has lost its sense of creativity, stopped being a place for people to experience life, and instead has fallen to the humdrum of mundanity. The people want more. We want more for the people of Coventry. Coventry is our home, our community, and we want to see it grow. We want to enrich your lives, give you a centre to tap into your inner potential, and help you to connect with people who want the same. 

That's what the hub is, a vision for Coventry. A place to promote your own mental and physical well-being through Urban Love Warrior Yoga and Bliss Dance; a place to help you achieve your dreams and discover your creative potential through the Iris Ap Academy and Tas MUA's Pout Parties; a place to build a community. You don't need to be flexible or fit to join us, you don't need to be a master of fine art or musician, you don't need to be a certain age. You just need to want something more. The hub is a space for you, to bring colour into your lives. 

And if this all sounds great to you, but perhaps make up or yoga isn't your thing, we want to hear from you. We want to know what you think is missing in Coventry, what you want more of, what you want to be involved in. So get in touch in the comments below or tweet us @ThatAltHub with the hashtag #Vision4Cov and tell us what your own vision for Coventry is, and what you'd like to see at the hub. 

If you want to get involved in That Alternative Hub, if you want to join a class or have an idea for running your own workshops that you think fit in with the hub, then get in touch with us at, and lets put a splash of colour into the city of Coventry.