Be The Best You

You can't choose some of the circumstances you're faced with. I didn't choose the overwhelming grey of my life when I was an angry resentful adolescent. So I became an escapist, hiding in books and dreams and plans for a stronger, brighter future. I set my ambitions high, and grafted my way to reach them. You can't choose some of the circumstances you're faced with, but you can choose what you do in them. My name is Donna, and I'm the architect of the colour in my life. 

It was a steep learning curve; I took a lot of unfulfilling jobs to pay my way through uni, and accepted a lot of underpaying clients while I tried to discover my true value. But it was worth it. My grafting helped me discover my passion, introduced me to the Prince's Trust where I found the tools to live the life I wanted, I created some wonderful friendships through clients and my journey even took me as far Perth, Australia, Chengdu, China and recently to Ibiza, Spain, for an expenses paid wedding shoot! Along the way I discovered people living the same grey lives that I had felt trapped by when I was younger. I found that our struggles were the same and, more importantly, I found I could help them. I became a mentor for the Prince's Trust, a lecturer at Coventry University, and have always used my experience - the good and the bad - to reach out to people and give them the tools to enrich their own lives. 

The Iris Ap Academy is a space for me to share my experiences and help you find the tools to empower yourself. With everything photography and business courses to mindfulness and meditation, the Academy is an offering to the people of Coventry to help you become the best that you can be. Professionalism, creativity, and spiritual strength are at the source of everything the Academy offers, because I believe they are the three areas of life you need to find inner happiness. My business is my source of empowerment, my photography my emotional outlet, and my mindful beliefs are the source of my comfort, opportunity and good fortune. 

I want to share this empowerment and good fortune with you. Business is a cold word, and for many of us, "work" is just something we need to do to be able to afford the real things we love. I'm going to show you that that's not true, that while the corporate landscape may be a cold place to be, your own business doesn't have to be and you can find fulfillment in every aspect of your life. 

There will be more information on courses in due time, but if you're interested in doing more with your life, and finding a fulfilling path for your future, email me at to register your interest.