Steph and Becky Wedding

So the first post for how I will cover the weddings in the future. I will be looking to reminisce about past ones I have done as well. Fortunately there's so many amazing weddings I have had the privilege of taking photos for and meeting some wonderful lovely people.

The first up is Steph and Becky. They approached me to take their pictures when they found me through Fargo Creative Village. Looking at my images on my website they say they were bowled over my the amount of versatility, colour and fun in them. After the first meeting with them, talking about what was important to them the family and friends, as they were having quite a large wedding and they wanted it to be fun and elegant I knew we were all on the same page.

The beautiful back drop of the Cotswolds, contemporary architecture of their venue and the stunning styling and design that Steph herself pulled together, created this modern and romantic feeling same sex wedding.

I have really enjoyed meeting Steph and Becky, I have learnt a lot from this wedding and I hope my advice to you lovely ladies will help you through the awkward and difficult times, remember you are each others comfort zones!

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