Iris Ap? What's in a Name? - What Your Business Makes Of You

I couldn't sleep. My brain was buzzing, I had finally decided to go for it, and set up my own photography business, but I didn't have a name. Believe it or not I'm quite a shy person and I was struggling with putting my name out there. I had decided against better advice that I wanted to remain fairly anonymous and develop a cleverly worded branded business name.

After hours of sleeplessness and deliberation, I had decided to follow the direction my gut was telling me to concentrate on... what I am most fascinated with, the Eyes. They are the cornerstone of any photographic experience for me and also from a scientifically geeky perspective; the Iris of the eye is essentially what the Aperture is within a camera, Eureka the business name was born.

I wanted to chat about my branding experience as again I have been asked how I came up with it this week, and I am writing marketing and branding advice and development as a part of my new role that I have secured to take my career to the next step.

I am professionally evolving at the moment, and with that I wanted to take stock and think about where I started. I still hold a big torch for that little photography business that changed my life and gave me the confidence to go for what I love to do, Iris Aperture Photography. 5 years ago I developed the brand and grew through it and it has come to a point where I am ready to take my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching and helping people and really try to make a difference.

I am now moving on-wards and upwards with Coventry University Social Enterprise. CUSE it's a separate stand alone entity to Coventry University, a small business in comparison to the rest of the uni powerhouse, small in stature but mighty in it's vision. I'm so incredibly happy to be a part of it. The vision clear, we are to empower the masses of Coventry Uni Students, Staff and Alumni who don't quite have the confidence to go it alone and step up their own businesses ventures. If they come to us we can help them in all manners on entrepreneurial endeavors. Firstly there a lot of business support, funding knowledge, International support and recognition in many exciting and inspiring programmes.

There's also business training through the aptly named Evolve programme that I am working on developing and delivering. I am very excited about doing so as I still get to teach a wide audience, I get to instill fun and inspiration along the way. I'll then get to see these ventures grow with my help and guidance, win win win! Anyone that knows me, knows that I live for helping and creating and this is the epitome of it all!

So if you have an idea, and you find yourself struggling to get out there for one reason or another check us out and get in touch, we'd love to help you on your journey.

Main Article Photo courtesy of Pippa Lee Photography, thank you so much! :)