The Self Project - Small Ideas Have the Most Impact

When I started taking photos I never thoughtI would be where I am today 6 years down the line, helping other entrepreneurial types start up their own daunting journeys into the unknown world of business. Giving them guidance, tips and creative development growth is one of the most rewarding ways that I can impart my experience and help the less confident gain the confidence to get out their and JUST DO IT.

Mine own business started from a humble concept, improving my portfolio. I decided I wanted to diversify my portraiture as I had bought a camera before I left London and wanted to have some fun with it. I made a group on Facebook and appealed for volunteers to throw themselves in front of my camera. I vowed to exhibit the results in an exhibition(also another fear of mine that I had shyed away from in recent years)

The response was unbelievable for me, whenever I went out people would approach me, know my name and say that they were keen to be photographed. The response for the exhibition was fantastic, cues out the door, and you could hardly move around the exhibition space. Off the back of the response I decided to launch Iris Aperture Photography... and the rest is history.

Check out this video of the night filmed and edited by Jen Preece my lovely talented cousin.

Iris Ap? What's in a Name? - What Your Business Makes Of You

I couldn't sleep. My brain was buzzing, I had finally decided to go for it, and set up my own photography business, but I didn't have a name. Believe it or not I'm quite a shy person and I was struggling with putting my name out there...

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Unblock Your Mind

There's always that voice in the back of your head that says "that's too expensive" or "now's not the time, there's too much going on" or just about anything else to deter you from your dreams. We call that voice Reason, when really it's nothing more than a lock on the door to your future. We want to help you break through these locks. 

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Steph and Becky Wedding

... The beautiful back drop of the Cotswolds, contemporary architecture of their venue and the stunning styling and design that Steph herself pulled together, created this modern and romantic feeling same sex wedding...

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That Alternative Wedding Fair - Take Two

This is a perfect unique opportunity for fledgling businesses and already existing talented local businesses to give their businesses that extra push. Be prepared to take take on ace clients with great unique vision and have a wonderful time networking with like minded individuals and inspiring folk!

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... here's a self portrait snap from my recent visit to Ibiza where I had the privilege of taking gorgeous wedding photos in such a stunning and inspiring place, and for a wonderful couple. Throw in staggering vivid colours of the landscape, time to actually read, relax and indulge in phenomenal ice-cream, needless to say I was a happy clam...

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