"That Alternative..."

What it's all About

"That Alternative..." events are organised by myself and a wonderful team of collaborators based at Fargo Village since September 2014.

These events are a way that I can share my passions, by promoting areas of industries that are overlooked, and to encourage variety and confidence within the local small and talented businesses that I love. In turn I want these events to help build the confidence of these businesses and to encourage them to go for their own goals, building up a community of businesses that you can admire and trust.

Coming from a varied and colourful background, I have had the privilege of understanding quite a wide selection of all walks of life and living. Being primarily a photographer with my own photography business Iris Aperture Photography that specialises in wedding and family photography, has given me quite an eye-opening and inspiring selection of experiences and lessons to share. I have worked with the Prince's Trust for which I still continue to mentor for, I am employed by Coventry University to teach, and I absolutely love it.

 I am keen follower of alternative styling, art, design, living, health and well being and generally not being afraid to be you.

"That Alternative" to the Mainstream

That Alternative Wedding Fair

Fargo Village, Coventry

18th & 19th April 2015 | 19th & 20th September 2015

In 2015 I started a new venture called That Alternative Wedding Fair, was a new and exciting two day event at Fargo Creative Village, Coventry.

It’s YOUR day and we want it to be YOUR way!

That Alternative Wedding Fair in April and September in 2015. We gathered together the BEST alternative, bespoke, edgy, innovative, original, quirky, vintage and contemporary wedding suppliers, small businesses, entertainers, food suppliers and everything else in between and are putting them all under one roof for you.
That Alternative Wedding Fair was very well received and everyone involved loved the authentic and friendly nature that it exuded. I will be looking to create wedding inspired events on a smaller, more intimate scale from That Alternative Hub in the future and potentially setting up another larger scale Wedding Fair next year after I have had a chance to recover from the hectic madness that was 2015.

That Alternative Well-Being Fest

Fargo Village, Coventry

22nd August 2015 | 10:00 - 18:00

At That Alternative Well-Being Fest, everyone came to together to show there support for self-growth and community spirit. We hosted a number of different stalls specialising in holistic therapies, Yoga sessions and demonstrations happened throughout the day, and we also very successfully had motivational & inspirational speakers talking throughout the day.

The vibe was wonderful, it was of the main catalysts to create something more permanent and sustainable. This is what I am creating through organising future events and Well-Being Weekends through The Hub

Your WAY, Your SAY